Reward Points

Reward Points at Big Red Toolbox allow you to save while you spend. Now every time you shop with us, you’ll automatically amass Reward Points. These points can then be redeemed at checkout on any subsequent order, allowing you to save even more on your favourite diy tools & accessories.

How to earn reward points

Every time you shop with Big Red Toolbox you'll earn points and these earned points will automatically be added to your account, making shopping with Big Red Toolbox even more cost effective. If you're a regular customer you'll see how quickly points can mount up and let's face it, we all like something for free, so make sure you spend your points!

Please Note: You have to be signed into to your Big Red Toolbox account to earn and spend your Reward Points! If you checkout as a guest or leave a review while not logged in, you'll lose out on valuable points, so make sure you log into your account every time you visit us.

How many points can I earn?

For every £1 that you spend on site, you will receive 1 Reward Point. For example, if your product costs £17.95, you will receive 17 points to spend.

These points can be redeemed at any time to reduce the cost of your order.

There are multiple other ways to earn Reward Points as well:

  • You will earn a point for every pound that you spend online
  • New to Big Red Toolbox? Create an account – 100 points earned
  • Sign up to our newsletter – 100 points earned
  • Review a product - 20 points earned (Only allocated once review has been approved)

How to access your reward points

  1. Sign in to Big Red Toolbox as normal
  2. Within the My Account section, you are able to access your My Reward Points section
  3. This will then show your current balance

How to spend your reward points

  1. Add your chosen products to your basket and go to checkout
  2. Under the Spend Your Points heading there will be a timeline
  3. Simply use the timeline tab to choose how many points you would like to use

This gives you the option to use as many points as you want, whenever you like!

It’s as easy as that!

Terms & Conditions

  1. The more you spend, the more you earn.
  2. All reward points will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date that they were earned. Points will expire after this time.
  3. Make sure you transfer the correct amount of points at checkout as only one points transaction can be performed on a single order.
  4. There is a balance limitation of 100,000 points per account.
  5. There are limitations on the maximum number of daily points you can earn from certain behaviours i.e. leaving a review.
  6. Points can only be used at the checkout, they cannot be used on a phone order.
  7. One person cannot have more than one account as it would be breaching our Ts&Cs.
  8. Any misuse of our scheme will result in the deletion of all accounts and Reward Points.
  9. We have the rights to remove Reward Points at any time.